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Born With It


One Natural Born Psychic Medium's True Story                                            
Author: Cindy Marie  
xlibris publishing 2003

Art Work: Natalie Harris

Book Description,
This author is a natural born Psychic Medium and grew up totally unaware of what was happening to her. She had many very strange experiences as a small child but she had no one in her circle of friends or family that had knowledge of the gifts of the spirit. As a three or four year  old child, she was terrified by the "Goblins" that came to visit her each night. Her mother could not see them all over the room, on the bed, up on the ceiling, so she told Cindy that she was just dreaming. Even tho the entire household was awakened by the terrified child, she must still be dreaming. Inanimate objects would come to life and terrify this precious child, and when the dead babysitter held a conversation with her from the casket, she was thrown out of the funeral home.

No one understood that she needed some understanding and guidance in living with these gifts. Many of the things that she experiences would send an adult over the edge, yet this innocent child had to endure years of fear and disbelief. She was called, a liar, a freak, evil and wicked. She was told that she was marked for life. This is just some of the ignorant treatment that she received. An innocent child desperately seeking help from the people that should have been there for her! They weren't. Instead she was ridiculed. She tried to ignore and shut down these gifts. She went from Church to Church  looking for help, but they didn't treat her any better than the others that should have been able to help her. So, she just tried to live with it.

She tried to ignore it all and go on about her life's business. Still, she continued to have bizarre things happening to her, but as an adult, she was able to take matters into her own hands and find out what really was behind it all. Since she had no support system in her life she didn't know where to start her search for the truth. She visited one psychic reader  after another. Not one of them would give her a clue as to how to go about helping her understand her gifts. Many of them could give her "treatments" of one sort or another, and of course the cost of these "treatments" were astronomical. They just wanted her money. Again, she felt helpless and hopeless.

She figured that it must be true, what they said about her  when she was a little girl, but she never knew what she had done that was so bad to cause God to punish her like this.

Eventually,  her Guardian Angels stepped in and came to her aide.They put her on her path, gave her all the knowledge and resources that she would need to finally understand what it was all about. She was never bad, God wasn't mad at her, and she wasn't being punished.....She was being educated, given experiences for a reason and eventually she graduated to a full fledged Spiritual Medium, doing what she considers to be God's Works. She has dedicated her life to helping others in their spiritual journey, and to shed light where there may be darkness.

"Cindy's story made me laugh, It made me cry, It made me just want to Hug her. I was glued to the book and couldn't put it down until I had finished reading every last word!"
   Debra Lynn, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master

"What a breath of fresh air. From the moment you start reading you are there as though you could feel Cindy Marie's heart beating. It reads like an allegory. Who among us has not grappled with deep down fear that we are flawed and that we will never figure out universal truths. In the final analysis we must all find the truth on our own. As Cindy's tale unfolds, the fears we all share are just a little bit softer and smaller, and we hurry on reading to find out how she makes out in the end. I especially love that she doesn't try to convince us. It's just pure and natural truth. And in the end we are convinced that this is a person who we can trust. This story grips you. You will be thinking and re-thinking these stories and perhaps re-weaving your own."
   Carol Huges, Intuitive Consultant