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I would like to thank all those who respond to their readings. It helps me to know that I am on track so that I can continue going forward in Faith.  Many Blessings to All.     

Cindy Marie

Thank you Cindy, You do Amazing work, J.H.12/17/07

I had a reading with you two years ago. Even though the information wasn't the answer I wanted to hear, it was completely accurate. I wanted to thank you because being honest about....was directly attributable to....was the wake up call I needed. L.G.  9/24/07

Your advice has been so helpful and accurate in the past and I would like another reading now that my life has moved on from the painful place I was in 2 1/2 years ago.  J.H. 8/30/07

No one reads quite the way you do. You've been a great help to me over this and an inspiration to continue my studies.  T.C. 8/9/07

My struggles have been made that much lighter by the guidance I have received through you. And, in my own words, with the questions I have asked and been working through, your name came to me as a I return. M.M. 2/26/03

You have rendered me speechless, or should I say your angels have. :) S.J. 1/23/03

My friend C.H. recommended you highly, and given the power of her (psychic)  gifts and personal integrity, hers is indeed a high endorsement! C.L. 9/19/02

The last reading was, moving, toughing and very special to Kay! (the message from her deceased father) The puppy/dog that she had to give up was a memory that she had forgotten about, and I never knew about! I must are good! K.L. 9/18/02

I am a believer of gifts we are each given...A good friend of mine recommended you as being true and genuinely gifted.  I want to thank you...for making yourself accessible and your offer of love to life and all that is around you. B.C. 918/02

Thanks Cindy Marie, you've answered some of my questions before, and I was amazed at the accuracy that your answers proved to be. You are awesome. A.s. 7/15/02

Thanks Cindy for your excellent readings, Your readings are the best I've ever found. Keep up the good work.   G.J. 7/14/2002

I really appreciate your sincerity.It is so comforting to know that people like you still exist out there whose goal it is to spread light, love and truth. I am sure I will stay in touch with you as I value your gifts and services. J.D. 6/17/2002

I want to say a sincere thank you to you and your angels for all the help you have given me. It has all been very insightful. I will not hesitate to contact you again with questions. Your readings are wonderful!
P.J.C. 6/10/2002's funny because I had a dream stating exactly what you told me. Thanks for the information.
M.D. 6/5/2002

Thank you for the last reading, it appears to be very accurate. A.H. 5/8/02

Thank you so much for your answers, and believe it or not, they made alot of sense to me. I guess my inner self was telling me the same thing. C.S. 4/24/2002

First I want to thank you for your comfort and healing energy from past questions. Your advise helped me to get help and took me outside of my thinking so that I was able to let go of old patterns. You are truly a healer. Thank you. C.H. 3/17/2002

I have had readings from you in the past and was pleasantly surprised by your answers,....I just had to tell you something that pertained to my first question.....I found this comment pretty strange after what you had told me!!! (you were right) S.H. 4/15/2002

Thank you so very much for your response ....regarding my late husband.....Your sincerity touched me very deeply.  P.H.1/16/2001

I'm still digesting the contents, but, as usual, I'm dazzled by the insight of your angel guides. Thank you Angels!  R.N. 12/30/2000

Thank you ..... I'm intrigued by your special and amazing gift. The info about my grandfather does seem to fit.... I feel quite enlightened and optimistic that there is definately more out there that can be explored if you keep your mind open.  Z.C. 12/13/2000

Thank you so much for the reading. You are a gifted, beautiful person. You were right!  LK.H. 11/30/2000

Thank you so much for the message from my (deceased) brother, it means more to me than you can ever know.   J.S. 11/23/2000

I can't tell you how comforted I am by the information you gave regarding my (deceased) mother...The reference to my father is pretty astounding....Thank you again for the on-target information about my mom, you are truly gifted!  V.B. 11/12/2000 are a great gifted medium. Thank you so much for giving some light into my life. O.T. 10/20/2000're great and have truly uplifted my spitits. C.A. 10/18/2000

....thank you so much for talking to my late husband. I miss him so very much.....P.H. 9/13/2000

I wrote to you recently advised me were right...A.D. 8/26/2000

Thank you Cindy Marie, Very exact with my (deceased) Mother. I am a clairvoyant medium myself...Love and Light...C.S. 7/24/2000