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My name is Cindy Marie. I am a natural born Gifted Psychic and I do believe in Angels. I am able to see into your past, your present and  your future. I can peer into the lives of those around you and tell you what is going on in their lives. I have the wonderful ability to speak directly with your deceased loved ones. 

I have been doing this all of my life. Most of my clientele are from referrals and many are repeat visitors.
Please feel free to visit the  Letters page. These are quotes  from actual letters from real people. See for yourself what others have to say about their readings.

I will address up to 7 questions for  $24.95  via email. 

Please  pay by credit card using the link below. You will be taken to a page where you can submit your questions. I will respond as soon as possible, usually within 24 to 48 hours.    
I  ask that you try to word your questions  similar to the following examples. 

1) My mother JoAnn passed away last year, can you ask her _____?
2) My husband Joe is not happy at his job, can you tell me what will happen?
3) When will romance come into my life?

If you are asking about another person, I ask for their first name, and relationship to you, mother, brother, friend, boss, etc. so that I will be certain to tune into the right person.
I had one lady ask me "How is my grandma?" No name or other info given. Turned out she had four grandmas! Miraculously, I tuned  into the right one.  So, please provide the first name, you will receive a better reading



Please take a moment to visit the  Letters from Customers... These are actual excerpts from letters that people have sent to me after their readings. 

"Truthfully Cindy, you are REALLY good, I'll be honest with you here, in the beginning, when I first started getting readings from you....I will admit, I did try to trick you a couple of times by trying to lead you to an obvious answer to see if you were the real deal, (I had a bad experience with some cheap thing on the internet and I was skeptical... Well you did NOT take the bait, you knocked my socks off...You did not respond as I thought you would. That is why I am here, you ARE the real deal and I have grown to love you as a friend because of your honesty, integrity, openness and compassion......
Pam C. 10/12/2004 "Cindy Marie has changed lives. She is quite amazing"


Please Read - Important Statements Below

When receiving psychic information, the customer must be aware that nothing is definitive. All things are subject to change. We all have free will. If something doesn't feel right to you, then you reject it. If it feels right, then you keep it. Psychic information is a reading of the energies that exist at this moment. As circumstances change, so does the direction of our life. As we make new choices and decisions, we change the course of the future. You always have the ability to change your future. And you are the only one responsible for living your life.  For these reasons, you will usually see a statement "For entertainment purposes only" I never wanted to use that because I feel that it cheapens what I do somehow,  but I find I must. My gift and readings have not changed but I must make the statement "For Entertainment Purposes Only"  You must be at least 18 years old.

Due to Ethical Reasons, there are certain questions that I will not answer,  Specifically - When will someone Pass Away. This is a very private thing between the individual and their maker. We must respect that relationship.  Also, while looking into others' lives there is a point at which it becomes snooping. We are all entitled to our privacy and if we try to snoop too far, we will not get the information that we would like. We must respect others privacy as we would like our own privacy respected

Thank you for visiting....... Please come back Soon.......Blessings to you and yours.......




Last updated: 01-30-2016

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